How to cleanse crystals with salt

If you want to cleanse your crystals, salt is a great option because it can help get rid of any negative energy that they may have absorbed over time. The crystals will lose the energy they’ve gathered and take on some of the energy that you give them as you infuse them with the cleansing power of salt! Read on to learn how to cleanse crystals with salt.Salt is a great way to cleanse your crystals. When you use salt for crystal cleansing, it’s important that you use dry salt because wet salt can cause damage. There are several ways you can cleanse your crystals with salt, but my favorite is to place pink Himalayan salt on a tray and make a bed for my crystals to sit on top. A cleansing is an important part of crystal care, as it removes negative energy from the crystals, bringing them back to their full and original energetic potential. If you are new to salt cleansing and would like to learn more about how it works, continue reading to find out how you can cleanse your crystals with salt. Place salt on a tray or surface. Place your crystals on top of the salt. Allow the salt to absorb negativity from the crystals, leaving your stones freshly cleansed and charged. Dispose of the salt, one of the most popular ways to dispose of the salt is by burying it.