Resin incense kit with brass screen incense burner


3 pc brass screen incense holder with 6 assorted resin incense and a roll of charcoal discs.

This incense holder can also be used for burning incense cones, incense sticks, loose incense, herbs, etc.

The resin variety pack Includes 6 packages of assorted resin incense. Each tin is approximately 1/2 oz. The resin assortment in your kit may include Frankincense, Myrrh, White Copal, Golden Copal, Three Kings blend, 7 Archangels blend, gum Arabic, Benzoin and more.

Resin fragrances will vary depending upon availability. Our resin is high quality, natural and fragrant.

How to burn resin incense:

Simply light one of the included charcoal discs, place it inside the heat resistant soapstone burner, sprinkle a small amount of resin incense on top of the charcoal disc and enjoy a deep fragrant experience.


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